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You're walking along the hallway of your local mall. Just strolling along, with a little purpose - nothing that needs rushing. You're near your destination, and your just make a glance to your side, and you see... a MAC counter. Or Bobbi Brown. Or Make Up For Ever. Or Laura Mercier. Just one glance, and you feel your feet dragging slowly, until it stops at last. You turn to the face those gorgeous colors and displays, thoughts of your errand converted to "later". And you walk towards make-up heaven.

Oh, man. That's how I feel when I'm at the mall and I pass MAC. I want to just stop and stare and browse... and not buy anything because I can't. Because I don't have enough money. Of course except for those times when I actually saved up and decided completely on buying something - I'm technically, as of the moment, bankrupt. Hopefully I'll get enrolled this April... hopefully. If not, well, I'll be living off with my P300 a week allowance, and save up with the help of a few extra hundreds every few weeks. (Yes, I've been out of school for more than a year now, thanks to a special someone's negligence and immature choices of priorities.)

So... Okay, I'm not writing a pity blog post... This is actually just a wishlist - make-ups that I'm dying to have, but can't... yet. So anyhol, I've got a lot of things on my list. I mean a lot. So I'll just start with my top ten of my Very-soon-to-be-bought list. x_x

1. MAC Lipsticks  (Personal)

Shades (in order, haha):
    Viva Glam Gaga  (LE)
    Creme Cup
    Creme d'Nude 
    Colour Craft  (LE)
    Please Me
    Pink Plaid
    Speed Dial
    Russian Red
    Saint Germain

(plus Pro Longwear Lipcreme in Overtime)    

Yep, it's a lot for one item on the list, but if my currently-placed order is good as I hope it is, that'll be two items less - hopefullu I'll be able to make an update on Wednesday or Thursday... :)

2. MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack   (Personal)

Okay, this one is an actual need of sorts; I have cheap pencil liners and no gel or liquid liners at all. And I'm a sucker for smokey and heavy eyes. And an aspiring make-up artist. With no gel liner. Darn.


Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Liner

I've been reading very good reviews of this liner, swatched it, and decided that I'm going to buy it if anything goes not well (hope not), or if dad, or mom, or momma will buy it for me. Sorry, I'm cheap... or rather, I'd prefer to buy something expensive so long as I'm really sure it's really good, than buy something cheaper just to try it out. I truly believe that instead of spending that money for a so-so, just save it up and spend on something a little bit more expensive, but definitely worth it.

3. OCC Lip Tar    (Personal)

Colors (in order):

Lately I've been into lipsticks - because of Viva Glam Gaga. I saw swatches of Hush and Grandma, and man, they looked amazing. Yep, Imma get one sometime soon... I hope.

4. Coastal Scents Camouflage Palette   (Studies/Work)
(plus a Corrector palette/wheel; either from CS,  Ben Nye, Graftobian,or MUFE)

This I need for my studies. And yes, this is cheap within the US. But I live in the Philippines, so I have to order it from a seller, so that's a 30-40% increase in price, making it about $22.20 instead of $16.95. Besides, I'd have to pre-order it, so I'd have to wait for almost a month. I'm quite patient, but when it comes to buying things online, I'm a bit of a paranoid.

5. Duo Fibre/Stippling Brush    (Essential)

Brands, in order:

MAC 187

Sigma F50 

(plus add up more MAC brushes to my meager collection)

As of the moment I technically don't need this since I don't have any foundation with me yet, but I do like to have brushes - and as many as I can. I'm a wee bit OC with my make-up, especially my brushes. I know for a fact that if you take care of them very well, they'll last longer and work better. Besides, I can't have any brush just break on me or something - uncounted expenses like sudden necessary expensive replacements tend to give me a run for my money.

6. Lunasol (Kanebo) Water Cream Foundation    (Personal)

I don't use foundation because I have super oily and breakout-prone skin, so I'm afraid I'd get more whiteheads that I already have and can control. However, ever since my workshop the other day, where the foundation provided (since I had none) was this. And I though "Oh, My Gosh". It was gorgeous on my skin; light to medium coverage, just a tiny notch below a perfect match, blendable, and very natural-looking. Therefore, before I even finished putting my make-up (half of my face), an urge was building up quite rapidly inside my head: I needed - and wanted - a liquid foundation. And now it's a solid thought. Hahaha.


Revlon ColorStay Makeup for Combination/Oily Skin    (Essential/Personal)

[edited] Again, since I don't foundation, I am completely clueless which is the best affordable liquid foundation out there. I forgot to google it up, and having been awed by the Lunasol I never gave much thought to it, in the first place. However, since I'm going to makeup school this April 11 (HURRAY!!! :D THANK YOU DAD!!), I am also in need of an affordable foundation for my studies and future clients. I tried this the other day, and BAM! I'm itching to buy myself one... if I wasn't so cheap, haha. But at P825, this is cheap compared to the 2k+ Lunasol. And so I am getting myself one sometime this week... unless momma buys me one... pretty please... ^_^

(I asked a young makeup artist I know, and she referred me to the PhotoReady, and I tried it. Sadly, I did not like it - for myself. First off, the shades available here in the Philippines is very limited - just seven or eight - and I think almost all of them have pink undertones. The 008 Golden Beige still was an almost perfect match, but still looked slightly pink. Second - it has sparkles. I'm not one to go for shimmer or anything that looks too dewy because I don't think it looks natural - more like wet and shiny. And then there's the fact that I have very oily and acne-prone skin. Any more dew and shimmer would make me look like the inside of my mom's frying pan. Also read PhotoReady isn't recommended for oily skin types. For my future non-oily skinned clients, I think this will work great for photoshoots, though.)


Max Factor Xperience Weightless Foundation     (Essential)

I've had a glimpse of this foundation from somewhere, and I had the impression that it was a good one. And it is. I tested it when I agreed to model for a friend's Photography finals, and I had every intention of buying a foundation. As I crashed PhotoReady out of my Personal list, I tried others, Xperience Weightless being among them. I needed a medium coverage foundation, and it was gorgeous. It din't cover the darker spots and the bluer veins, but in my opinion, that's a concealer's job. My usually slightly-splotchy skin looked flawless and matte, although I do believe it needs setting powder to get that matte finish. The downside are the shades. Only seven shades are locally available, and Medium Sandstone, looked a little pink when I tried it on (on both times I tested it). The color value was right, but the undertone was a little pink. Although since I really liked the coverage and the feel, I decided to leave it on my face and see if it will oxidize and turn yellow after an hour or so. And it did, to my absolute pleasure.

[edit: Oil control-wise, ColorStay won hands down against this. Tried Xperience on the left side of my face and ColorStay on the other, and after four hours oil was seeping through both sides, but ColorStay's side could have been blotted easily. However, Xperience feels ligter/weightless, and has better cover, I think, so I'm still getting myself one - or ask someone to buy me one, haha.]

7. Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer    (Personal)

Okay, this one is just a fetish/splurge. I already own a concealer - the MAC Studio Finish, and I love it. But! I'm a concealer... addict... junkie... whatever. I have a thing for concealers, and good thing too since I actually need them for my bags. I bought MAC without considering Bobbi or Laura since I had no idea that they were available locally. I don't regret buying my MAC - heck, I love MAC - but now I'm eyeing another concealer, which I don't really need. But I really, really want one. >:)

8. Coastal Scents Metal Mania Palette    (Personal)

I have the 88 Piece Original Palette, and I love the range of colors. But when I bought it, I thought I wanted a matte palette - which, I somehow still do. But now I want one with more.. lustre in them. And besides, I'm dying for those earth tones - all those combinations for smokey eyes!

9. A Professional Lip Palette

32 Piece Palette     (personal/essential)

 66 Piece Palette     (studies/work)

(plus the Le Faerie Cosmetics 5 Piece Nude Palette)

The 66 piece is better for gigs and all, but I'd like the 32 piece as well, since I see more pale shades, and I'm a sucker for pale lipstick. With the brand, I'm not particular with, since I've read good reviews and seen great swatches of a local brand - Dollface Cosmetics (and the Le Faerie Nude) - which is cheaper than pre-ordering Coastal from a seller. But I'll never say no to Coastal if it's available.

10. Coastal Scents 10 Piece Blush Palette    (Essential)

(edit: Okay, I bought a 10 piece blush palette from a seller from ebay thinking it was CS's. Well, it wasn't. The only upside is that it's very pigmented - I think this is what everyone meant by the unbranded and CS being "the same". A bit disappointed, but still quite happy, none the less.)


28 Piece Blush Palette (no brand)

I only have two blushes - a coral/pink and a bronzed coral. Obviously I have a blusher shortage. Like duh. :(


So that about sums up my I-can-afford-if-I-save makeup wishlist... Hopefully I can get them all by the end of the year (unless I can get better alternatives, haha). Hmm, I think I'll make that as a goal this year. Hmm, interesting.

Soooo... What's in your wishlist? ;)

[edit: Well, I have scratched out and grayed the ones I have already bought (yay for the Viva Glam Gaga!). Added Fabby under MAC lipsticks, removed Suesh Stippling brush (compared it when I was at the mall, and it was far too soft to stipple - still good, and still might get it someday, but not on my wishlist), added Max Factor Xperience Weightless Foundation and Revlon ColorStay Makeup.]


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