Sunday, March 6, 2011

I'm a regular at Multiply. Not for the social networking, but for the business networking. I always keep myself updated who's selling what for the lowest possible prices, at the soonest possible time - if ever I get the money, or when I finally saved enough.

I came across a site that featured "Win an Urban Decay The Black Palette! JOIN Quirkysuyen & House of Flair Birthday Treat!". So I clicked the link, and tadaa!

I'm naturally weird - I mean, really - ask anybody who knows me. I have tons of oddities up my sleeve, and I'm not ashamed to show them... Well, at least most of them. Anyhow, Quirkysuyen, the owner of the site, is giving out a giveaway! And I'm joining! (I want that palette, pretty please..) So, here's the link - care to make an entry? :] (Although, this is for Philippine residents only, so...)

(see, it's soooo cool - I want one :'/ )

Anyway, a very happy birthday, girl. :) And thank you for this giveaway - even if I don't win. People like you remind me of how we should always share our blessings to others - even if it's just on our birthdays. :)


Kikay Morena said...
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Kikay Morena said...

Joined this contest also! I actually saw your entry and decided to check your blog too... Watch out for the Ellana giveaway contest I have in my blog missy ;)

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