Monday, March 7, 2011

Okay, I just posted to say that... My Urban Decay Primer Potion (UDPP) order will be arriving in a few days!!! :D I'm sooo excited!

I got the one in the squeeze tube because I've been reading everywhere that an "empty tube" has practically half as much primer as a new and full one. So, not wanting to cut up that cute tube bottle, I just bought the professional-sized one. :)

Now, why don't I want to cut up the bottle?

One: I'm a sucker for keeping my "firsts". And since this is my first UDPP, I really don't have the heart to cut up the cute thing.

Two: If I ever decide on cutting it up, where would I put it? A jar or plastic container with lids? Nu-uh. They'll dry out before I use it all up - I'll end up wasting it. I've seen just now that you can put in in a lipgloss container with a brush tip - pure genius - a tip which I'll be using the next time I need to restock - or if I just get crazy and cut up my squeeze tube.

Three: I don't go out much this past year. Cutting up the tube will cause it to dry out faster, and since I'm still studying Make-up artistry and without clients, it might dry out on me quicker than I can use it. Well I'm going back to school this June or something, so I might put it to better use than lounging with my other make-ups.

And lastly... Well, I just don't want to... yet. Again, practically the reason why I ordered the professional size - to avoid the need of tearing the bottle apart.

Anyway, I'm just really, really excited - I have very oily skin, and as far as I've read UDPP is the only one that can take that kind of eyeshadow-hostile environment. I might try Too Faced Insurance someday, either for the reason that UDPP disappointed me, or just to get to try the just as famous primer. And to make a comparative review. ;D (I'm really serious about this blog - that's why I'm writing about this at 4am, haha.)

Oh, and by the way, the professional size sells for about P2100 here in the Philippines - that's around $46! And it's just $29 at Sephora - about P1305!


I bought mine for only P1650 - that's around $36 - at a very nice seller from multiply - Makeup Love. (I have a list of who sells what the cheapest, and this one comes on top for UDPP professional size.) Awesome deal, right?

Anyway, I'll make a review as soon as I get my tube! :)) *giggles and squeals*

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