Sunday, March 6, 2011

(This is somewhat an edited re-post; the origianl one is my post: My Current Concealer: A Review (check it out ;])

My only concealer (and a highlighter) in my two-months-ago make-up kit was the one I "borrowed" from my mom (mom, not stepmom) - The Body Shop Concealer pencil/stick. I've used it for quite some time - about four months - give or take a few - and I'm going to be honest and say that I don't love it, but I wouldn't say I dislike it.
(TBS Concealer; image is from the site)

First off, my mom is one to two shades darker than me, so the concealer was a bit darker than my skin.

Second, not very good coverage. It's okay for under the eyes, but against blemishes - it'll loose big time. Like, BIG TIME. Plus, I have to put two to three coats under my eyes if the bags are that big and that dark (I'm quite nocturnal), and for blemishes I sometimes reach FIVE applications just to get a decent coverage... which dissolves when I layer the highligher over it.

Third, it looks... thick... and obvious. Maybe it's because the thing I have is darker than what I should be using, but it does look as if I AM wearing make-up.

Fourth, it almost doesn't crease, but it won't cover the fine lines - I end up wiping under my eyes every few hours just to spread the concealer-highlighter-powder layers to hide the lines for the next few hours.

But! It's not that bad, I think. One good thing about it is that since I'm in a tropical country, I have little problem blending it. I've read that others complain that it's too waxy and unblendable, but many fail to realize that climate changes the consistency of liquid/semi-solid makeup as much as it does our skin. Trust me. I was a chemistry major. So, there, I find it quite blendable.

Next, it stays for like, hours. Except during exposures to the sun and heat of the city which leaves me sweating like crazy (I have really active sweat glands, urgh), it will not fade. Which is quite contrary to what others would say. I don't know if it's my concealer routine (freshly-washed face + TBS Concealer + TBS Lightening Touch highlighter + TBS All In One Face Base powder + loose powder), but unless I sweat and wipe my face with tissue or a hanky, It'll stay.


To sum it up:
Pros:   Stays for a good period of time (but not long-wear)
            Blendable (tropical country: check)
            Creases only very slightly
            Stays perfectly matte

Cons:  Not very good coverage (light, but quite buildable)
            Cakey, looks thick at three layers

Will I buy it (again)? No. For the $11, it's fine, but I'd just spend a little more for something way better.
Will I recommend it? Uhm, so-so. I wouldn't say "don't buy it". Period.


So, there... At the time I was saving up my money on the Coastal Scents 88-Piece Palette (whose review will, of course, follow), so my budget on the concealer back then was practically nonexistent. Anyway, I have a new one which I love, so...

Anyone out there using or have used the same concealer? Whacha think? :)

[edit: I don't have swatches, sorry for that.. :/)


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