Sunday, March 6, 2011

Hello.. :)

Well first off, I'd like to introduce my new blog - Spines and Bristles. Technically, it's a review sort of blog for the things I love most: books and makeup... not necessarily in that order. So, my first post, which I will be the next one, is about previous concealer (The Body Shop Concealer), and the one following that is my current one (MAC Studio Finish SPF35 Concealer). The book review might take a wee bit longer - I've read quite a lot, but so far none of them has my review yet. Er.

So, now that you've officially met my blog, I'm going to give an introduction of myself... a vague but relevant impression for now (?). Regarding books:

Number one, I only read fantasyfiction, and classics. In that order. I love books that divulges on magic and mythical things; novels that have mystery and... well, murder; and a handful of classics - I actually enjoy reading the archaic grammar.

How the writer writes the book; this way of writing and the pace of the novel is very, very important to me. I don't care if the concept is great, but if it's written for a younger audience with a shorter vocabulary list, then I won't enjoy it that much. If it's a wee bit dragging and slow - like Anne Rice's Nemnoch the Devil - which I didn't even manage to get past half, well, I don't finish the book if I can't take it. Happened twice only ever since 2006.

I collect books - I'm practically a bibliophile.

Therefore, all my books have excellent and spotless Spines - no lines, no folds, no creases - practically no trace of being read. Except they all have been read, except for three new ones.

My current favorite authors are Robert Jordan and George R.R. Martin for fantasy, and Dan Brown for Fiction. I haven't read half as much fiction books as I do fantasy, so not much there. Classics... hmm, no favorite, but I'd prefer Emily Brontë, I think - I haven't read Vernes, yet.

I think that sums about book-relevant personal info... So, make-up:

Okay, I'm a make-up junkie. Not a beauty-regimen-every-night type; I just like putting on make-up, no creams and serums of intense complexity and the like. Just good old make-up. Funny enough, the application of the make-up itself (both on myself and other people) gives me enjoyment as much as kids with their favorite toys. Seeing my finished product looking fabulous is an added bonus.

I'm an NC30. I find it difficult to tell the skin tone of others when I read blogs and look at swatches - so, for future reference, NC30.

I love doing dark, intense smokey eyes. The BF hates it (except when there's an occasion), so I try to lessen it a bit.

I like playing with color. Except blue. For some reason, I really don't like blue that much - maybe because it's so common, maybe because it's a popular color - I don't know.

Since I sport smokey eyes often, I'm a sucker for pale lips. Although I've likes pale lips before I realized and learned the smokey eyes-pale lips duo.

I have very long lashes. About an inch - and they're very much real. I never use falsies because... well, I don't need them - I can fake falsies. Hahaha.

I collect brushes. Currently I hate a tiny collection of 20 (3 are MAC), but I have every intention of adding more. And more MAC.

And so I'm very careful with my brushes, especially the Bristles.

I want to be an amateur, if not professional, make-up artist. I'm not sure which I'll be taking this June: fashion or make-up artistry, but one way or another, I will learn both. The question is just which comes first.

My favorite label is currently MAC. I haven't tried other brands as much - just an eyeshadow here, foundation there, lipstick, liner - you get the picture - but I really have an attachment to MAC for some reason. But I do try not to biased when I criticize and make reviews.

Just one problem. I live in the Philippines - yes, sunny, tropical Philippines. Make-up here is much more expensive than in the U.S., and I haven't left the country yet. So I just order from online sites - which makes them about half as much as expensive as they usually are. So my make-up reviews will be pretty much sparse since I'm just building up my professional cosmetic collection (although I will be making reviews some that may stepmom has, since I use them too, haha).

So, that's that... I hope my reviews could help - I personally find other people's reviews and personal opinions very important before I decide on buying pretty much anything... Except clothes... :)


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